Thank you for publishing the July 1 Zeit Gist article, “Society’s role in Kato’s crime.” After living in Japan for more than four years now, I have witnessed a steady decline in economic conditions and morale among the masses. Having a family and a modest income, and living in a regional center, I am not insulated from the daily realities faced by most Japanese.

I do believe that “talking about it” is one of the great challenges facing Japanese society. Communication skills are frighteningly deficient for a modernized society. As this phenomenon is the tip of the iceberg, I encourage journalists to explore it since it involves the cutting edge of social reform. Articles like this show what is really happening in Japan.

Factors contributing to Tomohiro Kato’s crime (the deadly attack in Tokyo’s Akihabara district June 8) were not isolated. The more people gain confidence in talking about it, the better.

frank murray