Regarding William Brooks’ April 6 letter “Yet another unnecessary slaughter,” I cannot help but wonder why the killing of dolphins and whales is considered “immoral slaughter,” and yet eating a delicious, juicy beef steak is considered normal? Every living creature should be respected. Aren’t cows, pigs and fish worthy of life? And what about the “immoral slaughtering” of kangaroos?

Killing animals for fun (like the fox hunt in England), for fashion (like baby seals killed for their fur in Canada), or for absolutely ridiculous superstitions (like tiger poaching for aphrodisiacs in India) is immoral from every perspective. I’m not supporting whale or dolphin killing, which I actually consider unnecessary, but I think we all should consider our own double standards before criticizing others so loudly and conveniently.

And by the way, since when did Antartica become a part of Australia?

toshinori kanashiro