Regarding Sajjad Haidar’s Jan. 17 letter, “Treatment of foreign students“: I was a postdoctoral fellow at Akita Prefectural University for 9½ years. I had four Chinese and three Philippine colleagues, and I never experienced or saw any kind of physical assaults. Not even heated words.

However, I do recognize the problems in obtaining justice or even being heard when complaining to university authorities. I filed a complaint with the president of Akita Prefectural University about nepotism and fraudulent use of tax money. The president warned me in a letter against such serious accusations, but concluded that he had to investigate the case.

More than a year passed and the president retired due to age. Two days before he retired, I received a letter in which I was told that the president didn’t want to reply to my accusations. I sent three or four letters to the new president. No reply. I was denied a chance to meet with him in his office and was told that my letters had not been read. They finally did read my letters, but then refused to reply.

joergen jensen