Regarding the Dec. 26 article “Firm reneges on promised jobs for Nova teachers“: G.education Co. certainly appears to be continuing in the footsteps of the English-teaching company Nova with regard to the treatment of teachers. I was a Nova teacher and had to leave Japan in November after the schools closed. I had attended a meeting held by G.education at which we were urged to sign up with it and wait. Anyone who wanted a job would have one. I’m glad I didn’t put my trust in G.education.

How cruel to keep unemployed teachers waiting and hoping, and then, on Christmas Eve, send an e-mail informing them that they don’t have a job. Expats do not have the same support networks as in their home countries, and this kind of uncertainty, while living in a foreign country, is hard to bear. Nova kept its employees in the dark, and G.education seems to be doing the same. Surely these workers deserve honest information so that they can exercise some control over their lives.

angela kidson