Regarding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party’s repeated pushes to re-militarize Japan, I think it is useful to consider this in the wider social context of what is happening in this country right now.

With the growing divide between the rich and poor getting worse, and the number of homeless people visibly increasing by the month, it is hard to believe that this government cannot see anything better to do with public funds than spend more money on the military and buy more weapons.

It’s really a shame to see a country as amazing as Japan fall slowly apart while the ruling government spends most of its time “re-visioning” history and promoting both more extreme nationalism along with increasing militarism.

The other day I saw an elderly lady, about 65 years old, picking cans and garbage from a train-station trash bin. She looked like someone who has lived a long life, most likely worked or raised children for many decades. I wonder if she thinks Japan’s problems are due to a lack of nationalism or militarism.

yang chang

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