Three men whose companies are involved in the manufacture and sales of disposable diapers — the use of which is expected to increase with the aging population — have started an association in Nagoya to research ways to turn them into fuel.

The Nippon Disposable Diaper Recycling Promotion Association, founded in May, is just getting started, but there are many other parties pursuing the same goal.

The three founders are 50-year-old Osamu Asai, president of Tokiwa TC Co., a company that sells health care products for the elderly in Nagoya; 60-year-old Masanobu Ito, director of Cosumo Tekuno Co., which provides industrial waste treatment in Nagoya; and 61-year-old Ryoichi Sudo, adviser to Tokyo-based Oji Nepia Co., which has a factory in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture.