The shock of Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election has people both in that country and overseas trying to figure out what happened. Plenty of praise — and blame — is being directed at individuals in both the Republican and Democratic campaigns, as experts point to a host of social and economic trends inside the United States as the factors for Trump's triumph — or Hillary Clinton's loss.

Like most of the world, Japan's political, corporate and media establishments were totally unprepared for Trump's win. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made sure to grab a photo with Clinton on his trip to New York before the election. But Abe and his advisers spent too much time listening to all of those in Japanese government, business and media circles who, after consulting their American sources (who were more often than not wealthy residents of New York or Washington, D.C.) assured them there was no need for a photo op with Trump. He wouldn't win, so why bother meeting him?

There is one influential figure in Japan, however, whose instincts seemed to be far better than Abe's: former Osaka Mayor, Gov. and Osaka Ishin no Kai co-leader Toru Hashimoto.