Burger King ‘black burgers’ set to return darker than ever next week

by Kazuaki Nagata

Staff Writer

Those who patronize their local Burger King next week might have black teeth by the time they leave.

Burger King Japan announced Wednesday that its popular “black burger” series will return on Sept. 19 and be blacker than ever.

This time, the fast-food chain will introduce two new burgers featuring black buns, black cheese made with bamboo charcoal, and an onion sauce mixed with squid ink.

The Kuro (black) Pearl, priced at ¥480, will have a 115-gram patty, black cheese and sauce sandwiched by black buns. The Kuro Diamond, priced at ¥690, is similar but comes with a dash of color in the form of lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Originally launched on a seasonal basis in fall 2012, black burgers are part of the company’s effort to introduce unconventional burgers. It was its best-selling new product in 2012, Tokyo-based Burger King Japan said.

This year’s burgers will be blacker as the cheese will be black. The dark delights will be available until early November at most Burger Kings in Japan.

  • wada

    I’m looking forward to eating the black burger!

  • Ahojanen

    Looks grotesque, but it is still acceptable… could become popular…. unless its ingredients are from mainland China :)

    • Phil Blank

      The meat looks better than what we get in the USA!

  • FunkyB

    I feel the need to try one just because it looks so different.

  • Phil Blank

    Burnt and chared food causes cancer!
    No more grill marks on your burgers, steaks, fish, hotdogs, nothing!

    • Charlie Sommers

      Life causes cancer. Give up everything that’s risky and be hit by a train. You’ll be dead anyway so might as well enjoy things before you go.

  • Phil Blank

    Look, you can even see the lines in the cheese where the cheeses machine forced it out of its nozzle.