Before he was ousted as Ukraine president, Viktor Yanukovych drew up plans to use thousands of troops to crush the protests that eventually toppled him, according to a leaked document published online.

Ukrainian journalists are going through thousands of papers they say were found near Yanukovych's opulent residence outside Kiev after he fled the capital.

Some documents have already started to surface on the Internet.

Although its authenticity could not be confirmed, parliamentary Deputy Hennadi Moskal, a former deputy interior minister, published a document online detailing a plan to surround Independence Square — the cradle of the uprising — with snipers and open fire on the protesters below.

Armored vehicles and about 22,000 police would have been involved, including about 2,000 Berkut riot police, if it had been fully enacted, the document showed.

Moskal, a member of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's Batkivshchyna party, said he published the document to put pressure on Ukraine's new authorities to bring Yanukovych to justice.

More documents will be published this week, one of the journalists sifting through them, said.

At least 88 people were killed in gun battles last week between police and the anti-Yanukovych protesters who have occupied Independence Square, in downtown Kiev, for three months. Some were shot dead by snipers.

Yanukovych fled Kiev on Friday night and on Saturday parliament stripped him of his powers. The new authorities have issued an arrest warrant for mass murder and Yanukovych is on the run.