Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Tsutomu Takebe refused Monday to rule out the possibility of suing Hisayasu Nagata, a lawmaker from the Democratic Party of Japan, over his allegation that Takebe’s second son had shady financial connections with jailed Livedoor Co. founder Takafumi Horie.

Nagata has claimed that a copy of an e-mail, which he obtained last week, shows that Horie ordered Livedoor Co. staff to transfer 30 million yen to the son’s bank account.

The DPJ has withheld additional details about the e-mail, including the identity of its source and the remittee’s bank account number, citing the need to ensure the source’s safety.

The main opposition party submitted to the executive meeting of the House of Representative’s Budget Committee an edited copy of the e-mail on Monday, urging the committee to have the Diet launch a formal investigation.

The ruling coalition refused the demand.

“The issue was brought about by Nagata and the DPJ. . . . It is not right (for the DPJ to demand that the) Diet investigate without clarifying (the specific) grounds,” Takebe told reporter in the evening.

He went on to criticize Nagata for slandering his son in his appearances on TV programs, saying his conduct must be dealt with properly.

Asked if it would mean that he might sue Nagata for slander, Takebe said that may be the case.

“(I’ll wait and) see how things go, and should (Nagata’s) remarks before the Diet be inappropriate, (he) must fulfill his responsibility to substantiate (them) as a matter of fact.”

Kamei wants probe

Veteran lawmaker Shizuka Kamei on Monday urged the Diet to investigate the credibility of an e-mail in which Livedoor Co. founder Takafumi Horie allegedly ordered the transfer of 30 million yen to the younger son of Tsutomu Takebe, secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party.

“This is not an issue that we can just let investigative authorities handle,” the acting head of the opposition People’s New Party said.

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