Domestic sales of new cars, trucks and buses rose 7.7 percent in May from a year earlier to 284,861 units, the first increase in three months, the Japan Automobile Dealers Association said Thursday.

By category, sales of cars with an engine displacement larger than 2,001cc rose 17.9 percent to 51,761 units, up for the eighth consecutive month. Sales of smaller cars with engine displacements between 661cc and 2,000cc decreased 0.6 percent to 151,411 units, down for the 16th consecutive month, according to the association officials.

Sales of trucks with a carrying capacity of more than 3.4 tons increased 13 percent to 5,925 units, the first increase in six months. Sales of smaller trucks, including multipurpose cars and sport utility vehicles, jumped 20.3 percent to 74,730 units, the first increase in three months.

Bus sales also rose 20.4 percent to 1,034 units, up for the seventh consecutive month.

Association officials said thriving truck sales pushed up total new vehicle sales.

By category, truck and bus maker Hino Motors, Ltd. increased sales by 50.8 percent from a year earlier to 2,337 units. Suzuki Motor Corp. also saw sales increase by 36.9 percent to 2,711 units.