The Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Liberal Party on Wednesday launched a panel to tackle troubles likely to be caused by the millennium computer bug problem.

The eight-member project team led by Keiji Furuya of the LDP and Yoshio Suzuki of the Liberal Party will discuss measures while examining the state of Y2K readiness in companies and public institutions, the members said.

Since the government mapped out its action plan for Y2K in September, companies and public institutions have been conducting research and trial tests to root out potential problems. The tests are to be completed by the end of June. “Based on the results of the tests and information collected through the research, we will consider the issue further from various points of view, such as crisis management,” Suzuki said.

As for now, one of the problems is to narrow the gap between the institutions eagerly tackling the Y2K issue and the institutions that are not, Furuya said.

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