About 62.6 percent of Tokyo residents in their 20s have been to a foreign country at least once, according to a Tokyo Metropolitan Government survey released Sept. 16, which showed a sharp increase from the 34.5 percent of residents surveyed in 1989 who had been overseas.

The survey, taken of 817 Tokyo residents in their 20s, showed 52.8 percent have been to a foreign country and 9.8 percent have lived overseas. Thirty-four percent chose South East Asia as the most important region for Japan to deepen friendly relations with in the future. East Asia followed with 23.4 percent.Europe came third with 16 percent and North America was fourth at 10.2 percent, according to the survey report. As many as 88.5 percent said they are worried about Japan’s future, including 36.1 percent who feel “very worried.”

About 63 percent cited the aging society as the source of their concern; 44.5 percent pointed to deterioration of the global environment; 35.7 percent said their reason was life after retirement; 28.9 percent economic cited instability; and 26.3 percent said their worries were due to major disasters such as earthquakes.

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