Amid public criticism against high salaries in the protected banking industry, an average banker earned slightly more in fiscal 1996 than the year before, a Tokyo-based research company said Sept. 16.

The average pre-tax annual income per employee in the banking industry was 7.99 million yen, up 0.9 percent over the year, Teikoku Databank said. The average age of the employees was 36.

Employees of the Industrial Bank of Japan were the most rewarded in the industry. They earned 11.6 million yen on average, up 6.3 percent. No other bank’s average exceeded 10 million yen.

On the other hand, the average salary and allowance at Nippon Credit Bank, which has announced a massive streamlining plan due to serious financial problems, declined 2.3 percent to 9.15 million yen. By category, city banks pay 8.95 million yen to their average worker, up 1.2 percent; long-term credit banks 10.5 million yen, up 3.2 percent; trust banks 7.87 yen, down 0.1 percent; regional banks 7.53 million yen, up 0.9 percent; and second-tier regional banks 6.98 million yen, up 1.2 percent.

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