Employees of Japanese toy company Tomy dressed up as characters for Halloween. Pictured are Alice and a large fish wearing a hat seen at their desks during the company
For a Halloween themed event, employees of toy company Tomy, known as Takara Tomy in Japan, indulged in a bit of corporate cosplay on Tuesday at the company headquarters in Tokyo. | AFP-JIJI
Employees dressed as Twitter birds work at their desks during the company
A few staffers chose to emulate the Twitter mascot. | AFP-JIJI
Other employees dressed as the Licca-chan doll for the event.
Licca-chan dolls made flesh were another favorite. | AFP-JIJI
Employees dressed as Licca-chan doll and Pop-up Pirate as they work at their desks.
Naturally, Pop-up Pirate, a popular Tomy game, made an appearance. | AFP-JIJI
Japanese toy company Tomy president Harold Meij (dressed as a musketeer) and employees clad in costumes pose as they gather for the company
Harold Meiji, the president of Tomy himself, got into the Halloween spirit by coming dressed as a muskateer. | AFP-JIJI