Multimedia artworks created by five award-winning Japanese artists active in Europe are now on show at Axis Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo.

"Ellipsoid" (1998), a computer graphic by Nobuo Takahashi

Multimedia art has generally been considered more advanced in the United States and Japan than in Europe. Recently, though, Europe has made rapid progress and is rated highly for originality.

Nobuo Takahashi, one of the show's exhibitors, has won many contests in Europe with his computer-graphic creations. He now heads a CG research project at Namco Ltd., a game soft/hardware maker.

Kazuma Morino, another exhibitor, also works on CG images and now designs video clips and commercials mainly for music artists such as Chara and Yosui Inoue.

The exhibition, featuring CG and installations, is a good opportunity to check out differences between European, Japanese and U.S. work.