Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Nov 2, 2000

New line boosts Levi's street cred

by Sian Rees

Levi's and well-known New York graffiti artist Futura, whose rare, original artwork has been in demand since he was spraypainting trains and walls back in the '80s, have joined up to collaborate on a limited-edition, Japan-exclusive denim line. Jacket created by graffiti artist Futura Futura grabbed ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Sep 21, 2000

Cosmetic makers target tots

by Sian Rees

While wearing your school uniform is considered the ultimate in cool, it's little wonder that the next phase is a young face full of slap. Younger and younger girls in Japan are reaching for the rouge and in response cosmetic companies are deliberately targeting ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Aug 3, 2000

Dancing your way to fitness

by Sian Rees

Some medical experts claim a glass of wine is good for your heart, others believe chocolate is an excellent alternative to Prozac, but something they all tend to agree on is that adequate exercise is vital to a healthy life. However, if your idea ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Jul 15, 1999

In the bag

by Sian Rees

Danielle Pisani-Salerno is the ultimate bag lady. At the moment her Hiroo home is bursting with handbags in endlessly different shapes and sizes that she has just produced for her new label, Virgo. Pisani-Salerno, who studied at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, gave up ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE May 20, 1999


by Sian Rees

Forget playing air guitar, Konami has done it again. The company that had Travolta wannabees queuing up in video arcade centers to stomp on the Dance Dance Revolution platform has launched a new game for guitar freaks everywhere. First you strap on a life-size guitar, ...

Style & Design | SIMPLY DIVINE Apr 1, 1999

Pint-sized polygraph

by Sian Rees

Forget the millions of dollars spent on impeachment hearings and Kenneth Starr-type harassment. Perhaps the U.S. government should have invested in a Doki Doki Checker. Takara Co. has brought out a key-chain size lie detector for teens. The Doki Doki Checker is shaped like an angel ...