Levi’s and well-known New York graffiti artist Futura, whose rare, original artwork has been in demand since he was spraypainting trains and walls back in the ’80s, have joined up to collaborate on a limited-edition, Japan-exclusive denim line.

Jacket created by graffiti artist Futura

Futura grabbed the celebrity spotlight in the late ’70s and ’80s when his work was snatched from the street to be shown in some of the most prestigious uptown galleries in New York City.

Since then it has graced album covers (Mo Wax records) and store interiors (agnes b.), and even inspired a range of toy figurines.

The idea for the denim collection came from Levi Japan’s creative director, Garreth Wills. Wills points out that as “denim is the fabric of the street” he “wanted to make something ‘real’ from Levi’s, something cool that I could be proud of, and to give the brand credibility in the street market.”

As a result, from Nov. 12, a small number of Levi’s outlets, including the Levi’s store on Meiji-dori, will sell the limited edition (only 500 pieces) on their shelves. Three sets will go under the hammer Nov. 27 in a charity auction.

The jackets (42,000 yen), jeans (32,000 yen) and sweatshirts (15,000 yen) make use of 39 Meg (a character that Futura designed exclusively for the project) and a technique that Wills developed. Wills was inspired by a combination of the “heritage of Levi’s” and his feeling that “behind every trend or fashion is an underground of credibility, of people doing what they want to do not for profit but for expression.”

The back of the jacket is decorated with silhouettes of 39 Meg, created to look like the dark patches left on denim when a pocket falls off. On the jacket shoulder, a sort of encrypted code has been stamped in super-thick silicone. The silicone will eventually peel off leaving a shadow of the numbers — and so the piece will evolve.

Similarly, the leatherlike patch on the 501 jeans appears to have been slightly damaged through a complicated finishing process in such a way that it reveals the Futura label underneath it. But it is only visible to those who look for it.

For more details and to learn about the charity auction check out: www.levisxfutura.com

Hair-razing event

The Simply Divine Award for Fabulousness goes to local broker, Peter Lee.

After the 2-year-old son of a friend was rushed back to Britain when he was diagnosed with cancer, Peter decided to do something for a relevant charity.

Peter cajoled several finance buds to pledge some funds; then Toni & Guy’s Lincoln Wood grabbed his razor and in Roppongi bar Quest gave Peter a “Captain Picard.” Peter may have lost his hair, but he gained a cool 2 million yen for Cancer, Leukemia in Kids.