To the average passerby, Connor Colquhoun looked like an unfortunate cyclist caught in torrential rain.

To the tens of thousands tuning in from around the world to his livestream, however, “CDawgVA,” as Colquhoun is known online, was a man on a mission as he rode the entire perimeter of Kyushu, from Fukuoka to Kitakyushu, with an array of streaming devices hanging off him and his bicycle.

Throughout numerous 500 meter hill inclines, technical streaming issues, bicycle accidents and McDonald’s pit stops, 19,000 of Colquhoun’s “weebs” as they are affectionately known, stayed with him for over eight hours a day via on-screen chat. They participated in banter, stream shenanigans and most of all, donated toward the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) that has helped Colquhoun’s friend and fellow streamer Ironmouse with her long-term illness.