Words and phrases

内閣府 (ないかくふ) Cabinet Office

24日 (にじゅうよっか) the 24th

今後 (こんご) from now on

5年間 (ごねんかん) for five years

女性 (じょせい) women

政策 (せいさく) policy

まとめる to put together, to summarize

第5次 (だいごじ) the 5th

男女 (だんじょ) male and female

共同参画 (きょうどうさんかく) joint participation

基本計画 (きほんけいかく) basic plan

策定 (さくてい) formulation, decision

〜に向(む)けて in preparation for ~

職種別 (しょくしゅべつ) by occupation

登用 (とうよう) appointment, promotion

目標 (もくひょう) goal, target

案 (あん) idea, proposal

有識者会議 (ゆうしきしゃかいぎ) Council of Experts

提示(ていじ)する to present

特(とく)に particularly

遅(おく)れ delay, lag

指摘(してき)する to point out

政治 (せいじ) politics

分野 (ぶんや) field

国会議員 (こっかいぎいん) National Diet member

候補者 (こうほしゃ) candidate

占(し)める to occupy, hold

割合 (わりあい) percentage, proportion

年 (ねん) year

〜までに by ~

掲(かか)げる to hold up

意見 (いけん) opinion

踏(ふ)まえる to base on

12月 (じゅうにがつ) December

閣議決定 (かくぎけってい) Cabinet decision

年度 (ねんど) fiscal year

現 (げん) current

計画 (けいかく) plan

設定(せってい)する to set

公務員 (こうむいん) civil servant

民間企業 (みんかんきぎょう) private company

管理職 (かんりしょく) management position

など and others

個別 (こべつ) individual

更新(こうしん)する to renew

内容 (ないよう) content

国政選挙 (こくせいせんきょ) national election

衆院 (しゅういん) House of Representatives

参院 (さんいん) House of Councillors

とどまる to remain

増加 (ぞうか) increase

目指(めざ)す to aim for

Quick questions

1) 内閣府は有識者会議で何を提示しましたか?

2) どの職種に関する目標が更新されますか?

3) 国政選挙での女性候補者の割合は、どのくらいでしたか?


The Cabinet Office on Nov. 24 presented a proposal of a goal for the promotion of women depending on the type of occupation at a Council of Experts for the formulation of the “Fifth Basic Plan for Gender Equality,” for the next five years. In the field of politics, where there is a particular lag, the percentage of women in candidates for Diet positions is set to be 35% by 2025. The Cabinet will make a decision in December, based on the opinions of experts.

The content of the plan is to update the individual targets set in the current plan for the candidates of Diet members, civil servants and management positions in private businesses and others, which were set through fiscal 2020. The percentages of female candidates in (the most recent) national elections were only 17.8% for the House of Representatives in 2017, 28.1% for the House of Councillors in 2019, and the goal is to increase it by setting a target.


1) What did the Cabinet Office present at the Council of Experts?


A proposal of a goal for the promotion of women by profession.

2) Which professions will be targeted for an update?


Candidates for the National Diet, civil servants and management positions in private businesses and others.

3) What percentage of candidates were female in the national elections?


17.8% for the House of Representatives and 28.1% for the House of Councillors.

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