Words and phrases

JR北海道 (ほっかいどう) Hokkaido Railway Company

31日 (さんじゅういちにち) the 31st

札幌市 (さっぽろし) city of Sapporo

東区 (ひがしく) Higashi Ward

車両基地 (しゃりょうきち) railway yard

既存(きぞん)の existing

特急列車 (とっきゅうれっしゃ) limited express train

デザイン design

内装 (ないそう) interior

刷新(さっしん)する to refurbish

観光列車 (かんこうれっしゃ) sightseeing train

繁忙期 (はんぼうき) busy season

臨時列車 (りんじれっしゃ) extra train, special train

イベント event

など and others, etc.

〜として as ~

活用(かつよう)する to utilize, to use

多目的 (たもくてき) multipurpose

はまなす hamanasu [Ramanas rose, the official flower of Hokkaido]

編成 (へんせい) the composition of a train, a train [ex.: 10両編成 would be a 10-car train]

報道陣 (ほうどうじん) press corp

公開(こうかい)する to publicize, to unveil

製造費 (せいぞうひ) production expenses

5両 (ごりょう) five cars

約 (やく) approximately

20億円 (にじゅうおくえん) ¥2 billion

かける to invest

外観 (がいかん) exterior appearance

花 (はな) flower

ピンク pink

配色(はいしょく)する to arrange color

フリースペース free space

使(つか)う to use

予定 (よてい) plan

1号車 (いちごうしゃ) Car No. 1, front carriage

ラウンジ lounge

掘(ほ)りごたつ sunken kotatsu [a kotatsu is a small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt]

個室 (こしつ) private room

設置(せっち)する to install

地域(ちいき)の regional, local

特産品 (とくさんひん) specialty

販売(はんばい)する to sell

カウンター counter

設(もう)ける to set up

全 (ぜん) all

コンセント electric outlet

無線 (むせん) wireless

提供(ていきょう)する to provide

同社 (どうしゃ) the same company [Hokkaido Railway]

10月 (じゅうがつ) October

1880年 (せんはっぴゃくはちじゅうねん) year 1880

鉄道 (てつどう) railroad


〜から since ~

140年 (ひゃくよんじゅうねん) 140 years

記念(きねん)する to commemorate

団体(だんたい)ツアー group tour

初投入(はつとうにゅう)する to put into service for the first time, to debut

Quick questions

1) 「はまなす編成」はどのように作られましたか?

2) 1号車には何が設置されていますか?

3) 何を記念して作られた車両ですか?


The Hokkaido Railway Co. opened to the press corp on the 31st, the “Hamanasu Train” — a multipurpose vehicle that will be used as an events train, a special train in peak season and a tourism train. The design and interiors were refurbished from a pre-existing limited express at a railway yard in Sapporo’s Higashi Ward.

The production costs for five carriages came to ¥2 billion. (The train’s) exterior has been colored the pink of the hamanasu flower and, in the front carriage, which is to be used as a free space, there was a lounge, a private compartment and a hori-gotatsu installed. Also set up were a counter to sell area specialties as well as some other things. All the carriages have electrical outlets and wireless LAN is provided.

Hokkaido Railway, in October, has scheduled the “Hamanasu” to debut with a group tour to commemorate 140 years since its railways in Hokkaido opened for business in (November) 1880.


1) How was the “Hamanasu Train” created?


By remodeling the design and interior of an existing express train at the railway yard in Higashi Ward, Sapporo.

2) What has been installed in the front carriage?


A lounge, a private compartment with a heated “kotatsu” table with a sunken floor, a counter to sell local specialties, etc.

3) What was the train made to commemorate?


The train was made to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the opening of the Hokkaido railroad service in 1880.

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