Stuck in the heart of Tokyo’s blistering heat island, it’s essential to know where to rehydrate. Everyone has their own favorite watering holes around the city. But those who live or work anywhere near Tokyo Tower swear there’s none better in the area than Rise & Win.

Or, to give its official title: Rise & Win Brewing Co. Kamikatz Taproom. It’s an impressive name, one that comes with an equally impressive story. It also boasts a mellow, easygoing ambience and, most importantly, some excellent brews and food.

Rise & Win beer is made in the small town of Kamikatsu (aka Kamikatz), Tokushima Prefecture, a community that’s become internationally renowned for embracing a zero-waste policy, despite its remote location in the mountains of Shikoku. That philosophy is built into the actual architecture of the brewery, with its towering front wall made from repurposed windows.