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Convenience store stars for July: Cream puffs, doughnuts and iced soda floats

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

The big-three convenience stores are frequently tinkering with their sweets selection. This week, let’s spend some time celebrating the early July debuts aiming to charm our stomachs.

FamilyMart's matcha-flavored cream puff
FamilyMart’s matcha-flavored cream puff

FamilyMart has gone traditional — and earned props from the konbini community online — for their new green tea-flavored shūkurīmu (cream puff). This sweet (¥130 after tax) features a rich matcha-flavored cream with a gooey texture. The tea-flavor goes in and out of fashion at these chains, but this is one of the better attempts at turning it into an affordable dessert.

Seven-Eleven's lemon frosting donut
Seven-Eleven’s lemon frosting donut

Even simpler is Seven-Eleven’s new lemon doughnut (¥110 after tax). This is just its usual offering coated with a lemon frosting. Basic, but it has a nice taste to it.

Lawson's pineapple sauce and whipped cream covered ramune and soda
Lawson’s pineapple sauce and whipped cream covered ramune and soda

Those getting excited for Makoto Shinkai’s new movie “Weathering With You,” can get a limited-edition tie-in soda from Lawson. These beverages combine ramune soda with marshmallows, whipped cream and either peach or pineapple sauce (¥330 after tax, pictured left). The sweet toppings make this one a little too sugary, and the main soda and fruit combo proves to be all you really need.

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