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Cafe de Paris: A Seoul favorite, now in Tokyo

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

One of South Korea’s most popular dessert restaurants has arrived in Tokyo. Well, in a pop-up format running in Roppongi Hills until May 6, at least.

Cafe de Paris has been a hit back in Seoul, particularly thanks to its Bon Bon series of sweets, which constitute the majority of the menu at the Roppongi store. This dish loads up on fresh fruit, with layers of whipped cream and powdered sugar on top. There’s no skimping on the ingredients, either, and it shows both visually and when it’s time to pay — the mango and strawberry Bon Bons go for ¥1,800 a piece, while the junkier brownie variety comes in at ¥1,400.

Bring a friend to split the cost (and the size), but give them a go, especially if you are looking for some tasty fruit with a hint of extra sweetness. And, considering that the only other way to enjoy the desserts is to book a flight out of the country, the high price tag doesn’t seem nearly as bad.

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