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FamilyMart's popular melon bread ice cream doesn't skip on the melon or the butter

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Sometimes the hype actually lives up to expectations. One of the more popular convenience store items of 2018 was FamilyMart’s melonpan ice cream, a melon-accented ice cream sandwich-like creation. Didn’t see it? That’s probably because it sold out in about three weeks.

But the chain has brought it back for 2019. The new version of the melonpan ice cream (¥194 after tax) doesn’t mess around too much with the winning formula, although FamilyMart emphasizes the use of butter in the outer layer of the snack. Everything else, though, is the same.

Which was the right move, because trying this sweet out in 2019 makes one realize why it vanished from stores so quickly last year. The middle features a plentiful dose of vanilla ice cream accented with a nice melon flavor. And yes, that outer layer boasts a nice buttery taste with each bite. Grab a few while you can before they disappear again.

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