Mister Donut has been trying to switch up its image as of late. First, it tried introducing a non-doughnut breakfast and lunch menu. Later on, it classed things up by teaming up with trendy dessert-maker Pablo. Now, it's gone one step further.

Its new Chocolate Collection is a collaboration with pastry chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka. The lineup includes five different sweets, ranging from fancy takes on the chain's ring doughnuts (from ¥151 to ¥183) to a pair of decadent cake-like creations stuffed with cream (¥216). The price of the new lineup isn't much more than its standard offerings, but the idea here is to create a sense of chocolatey luxury.

Those two cake-like desserts deliver the best taste. Available in double chocolate and white caramel flavors, each bite delivers a nice crunchiness and layer upon layer of sweet filling. Of the ring options, shell out a little extra to get the white chocolate one. The addition of hazelnut pairs well with the white chocolate, and makes for a highlight, one that will make the usual trip to Mister Donut feel that much more extravagant.