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40代僧侶が所属する浄土真宗本願寺派の本山・西本願寺(京都市)によると、昨年9月16日、福井市の県道で軽乗用車を運転中に警察官に制止、「服装が違反」と告げられ、その場で反則金6千円の青切符を渡された。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

福井県 (ふくいけん) Fukui Prefecture

40代男性 (よんじゅうだいだんせい) a man in his 40s

僧侶 (そうりょ) monk

昨年9月 (さくねんくがつ) September last year

僧衣 (そうい) monk’s robe

着る (きる) to wear

車 (くるま) car

運転 (うんてん) driving

操作 (そうさ) maneuver, control

支障 (ししょう) hindrance

及ぼす (およぼす) to cause

~恐れがある (~おそれがある) there’s a risk of~

交通反則切符 (こうつうはんそくきっぷ) traffic violation ticket

青切符 (あおきっぷ) blue ticket

切る (きる) to issue

全国 (ぜんこく) nationwide

抗議 (こうぎ) protest

声 (こえ) voice

上がる (あがる) to rise

寺 (てら) temple

側 (がわ) side

服装 (ふくそう) garment

理由 (りゆう) reason

取り締まり (とりしまり) crackdown

初耳 (はつみみ) unheard of

驚く (おどろく) to be surprised

反則金 (はんそくきん) fine

支払い (しはらい) payment

拒否する (きょひする) to refuse

会員制交流サイト (かいいんせいこうりゅうさいと) social networking service

縄跳びをする (なわとびをする) to jump rope

自由自在に (じゆうじざいに) freely

動ける (うごける) to be able to move

アピールする to appeal (publicly)

別の (べつの) other

動画 (どうが) video

投稿する (とうこうする) to post

話題になる (わだいになる) to become a hot topic

所属する (しょぞくする) to belong to

浄土真宗 (じょうどしんしゅう) the True Pure Land school of Buddhism

本願寺派 (ほんがんじは) Honganji sect

本山 (ほんざん) head temple

西本願寺 (にしほんがんじ) Nishi Honganji temple

京都市 (きょうとし) Kyoto city

~によると according to ~

福井市 (ふくいし) Fukui city

県道 (けんどう) prefectural road

軽乗用車 (けいじょうようしゃ) kei car

運転中 (うんてんちゅう) while driving

警察官 (けいさつかん) police officer

制止する (せいしする) to stop

違反 (いはん) violation

告げる (つげる) to tell

その場で (そのばで) then and there

6千円 (ろくせんえん) ¥6,000

渡す (わたす) to give/hand over

Quick questions

1) 警察はなぜ僧侶に交通違反切符を切ったのですか。

2) 取り締まりについて知った僧侶たちはSNS上で何をしましたか。


The voices of monks nationwide are rising in protest after police issued a traffic violation ticket (blue ticket) to a male monk in his 40s in Fukui Prefecture in September last year over the risk that his wearing a monk’s robe while driving could hinder his (ability to) maneuver. His temple’s side expressed surprise in that “the reason for the crackdown on garments is unheard of,” and refused to pay the fine. On social networking sites (SNS) videos were posted of other monks jumping ropes and doing other activities where they moved freely in a public appeal that became a hot topic.

According to Nishi Honganji temple in Kyoto, the head temple of the Honganji sect of the True Pure Land school of Buddhism that the 40-something monk belongs to, on Sept. 16 last year (the monk) was told by a police officer who stopped him that his “garment violated (the rules)” on a prefectural road in Fukui while he was driving a kei car, and at then and there he was given a blue ticket and fined ¥6,000.


1) Why did the police officer issue a traffic violation ticket to the monk?


Because he wore a robe when driving and (the cop) worried it could hinder his (ability to) maneuver .

2) What did other monks who learned about the crackdown do on SNS?


They jumped rope and did other activities in which they freely moved wearing their robes in a public appeal in videos posted online.

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