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Words and phrases

環境省 (かんきょうしょう) Ministry of the Environment

海岸 (かいがん) coast

漂着 (ひょうちゃく) drift that comes ashore

ごみ debris, waste

対策 (たいさく) measure

基本方針 (きほんほうしん) basic policy

改定案 (かいていあん) revised draft

公表する (こうひょうする) to unveil

深刻な (しんこくな) severe

海洋汚染 (かいようおせん) marine pollution

~につながる to be connected to ~

プラスチック plastic

減らす (へらす) to reduce

洗顔料 (せんがんりょう) facial cleanser

歯磨き粉 (はみがきこ) toothpaste

含む (ふくむ) to include

微粒子 (びりゅうし) minute particles

マイクロビーズ microbeads

使用 (しよう) use

抑制 (よくせい) to curb

など such as, etc.

企業 (きぎょう) company

求める(もとめる)to request

盛り込む (もりこむ) to incorporate

年内に (ねんないに) by year’s end

取りまとめる (とりまとめる) to compile

飲食店 (いんしょくてん) shops serving food and drink

小売店 (こうりてん) retail store

レジ袋 (れじぶくろ) the plastic bag you get at a register

ストロー straw

使い捨て (つかいすて) disposable, single-use

製品 (せいひん) product

自粛する (じしゅくする) refrain voluntarily

要請する (ようせいする) to request

多く (おおく) many

確認する (かくにんされる) to be confirmed, to be found to

~製 (~せい) made of ~

漁具 (りょうぐ) fishing gear

漁業者 (ぎょぎょうしゃ) fisherman

流出 (りゅうしゅつ) outflow

防止 (ぼうし) prevention

徹底する (てっていする) to ensure

~に促す (~にうながす) to call on ~

Quick questions

1) 改定案は企業に何を求めていますか。

2) 飲食店や小売店は何を要請されていますか。

3) 漁業者は何を促されていますか。


On Nov. 7, the environment ministry unveiled a revised draft of the Basic Policy on the Comprehensive and Effective Promotion of Measures Against Articles that Drift Ashore. In order to reduce the plastic waste that is connected to severe marine pollution, companies would be asked to curb their use of minute particles, or microbeads, in facial cleansers and toothpastes. The ministry plans to settle on a policy by year’s end.

Shops that sell food and drink and retail stores would be requested to refrain from using disposable plastics such as plastic bags and straws. The draft calls on fishermen to ensure they prevent plastic fishing gear from flowing into the ocean since many of them have been confirmed to have drifted to the coast.


1) What does the revised draft of the policy request companies do?


Curb the use of minute microbeads that are used in facial cleansers and toothpastes.

2) What are restaurants and retailers asked to do?


To refrain from using disposable plastics such as plastic bags and straws.

3) What are fishermen called on to do?


To ensure they prevent their plastic fishing gear from flowing into the ocean.

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