Blitz summer body odor

The heat and humidity of a Japanese summer can sometimes feel like being in a sauna, and as temperatures reach 30 degrees and over, sweat often becomes a nuisance. To make matters worse, sweat usually comes with body odor, which can be embarrassing, not to mention unpleasant for people nearby. Health gadget manufacturer Tanita Corporation's ES-100 is an odor analyzer designed to help its users decide if they need to reach for the deodorant or go less heavy on the perfume.

The ES-100 measures the level of aroma with a semi-conductor gas sensor — similar to that of breathalyzers — that monitors the air for molecules that cause bad smells. Just hold the device close to the usual culprits (armpits, neck, head) and wait 10 seconds and it will give a reading from zero to 10, indicating the level of odor in the area. Tanita says a five or above is a cause of concern, meaning 10 must be particularly whiffy.