DressedUndressed from designers Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato has been an unassuming yet confident presence at Tokyo fashion week since 2012, when its initial collections courted tailoring connoisseurs with precise unisex attire that scaled in size but otherwise had no gendered distinction. A partnership in both the design and marital sense, the couple have been at the vanguard of unisex design ever since. The brand's shows were first patronized by those seeking a break with the binary, but the collections rapidly won widespread acclaim overseas, while picking up premium rack-space in Japan — all at the label's own thoughtful pace.


As a truly balanced partnership, Kitazawa and Sato prefer not to be identified individually during interviews, explaining, "people always ask what the split is in our working life, always wanting to work out who does what or to find conflict. We work together, we speak together and anything DressedUndressed does is both of our work. Ultimately, it is a brand made by both a man and a woman."