We're currently living through a race by fast food chains to see who can best transform French fries into a dessert. McDonald's Japan kicked this off with their "chocolate fries" a few years back, introducing a few other variants in recent times. And now, First Kitchen has tried to outdo them by piling even more sweets on top of a fried base.

Their new pair of "Dessert Potato" offerings finds the burger chain loading up fries with items you normally wouldn't stack on top of them. The two varieties (¥450, or ¥620 with a drink) both come with a dollop of fast-melting vanilla ice cream, but are finished off with either chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles (the "Chocolate Sunday Potato") or sweet beans and brown sugar syrup ("Cream Zensai Potato").

While the latter sounds more interesting, I went full country fair and opted for the "Chocolate Sunday Potato." The McDonald's variation worked because of its simplicity — chocolate and warm, crispy fries work surprisingly well. First Kitchen went overboard. The fries and chocolate sauce are alright, even if the former would benefit from being a bit thinner. But the ice cream overpowers everything. Here's hoping the next step is scaling back.