When you do something well, focus on it. That's been the approach of Tokyo Banana since 1991. The o-miyage has become one of the most popular gifts to get hold of while in the capital, and the company behind it has only introduced one entirely new product in 16 years (although they've introduced a lot of banana variants in that time).

The folks behind Tokyo Banana, though, have decided to freshen things up. Last week they rolled out the Ginza Matcha Cake, a treat available at most stores that stock their signature souvenir. This dessert (¥560 for four pieces, ¥1,080 for eight, ¥1,620 for 12) features a green-tea-flavored cream mixed with azuki beans, making this the company's most Japanese offering to date.

Should you switch things up next time you grab sweets before the shinkansen? It's worth it, at least once. The Ginza Matcha Cake boasts the same fluffy cake exterior as Tokyo Banana, an integral part of its tastiness. The inside, meanwhile, offers a pleasant green-tea taste, one not far removed from the sort of matcha flavor you find in a convenience store dessert, but which works well with the soft cake around it. A nice change of pace on your next trip to Tokyo.