Convenience stores in Japan hit on a winner a few years back when they introduced fresh-brewed coffee machines. These chains realized folks want cheap and drinkable caffeine fixes before they begin their day. The next jackpot, however, has proved elusive.

Maybe ... it's more coffee? 7-Eleven has introduced a new dessert item combining that familiar taste with classic Japanese sweets. The treat (¥110 after tax) features a mix of coffee-flavored sauce and coffee-flavored cream, with a healthy sprinkling of cocoa powder on top.

Sometimes konbini treats that play up a specific flavor fall flat or let other tastes muddle up the titular ingredient. This is not one of those cases. The coffee comes through strong here, with whatever chocolate is worked in almost completely boxed out of the final product.

One notable downside: As this thing is really messy, do not try to eat this with your hands. And don't count on this taking off anytime soon ... but it's pleasant enough for those who can go for a cup at any time of the day.