Chocomint Frappe: The cure for Japan’s mint condition


Special To The Japan Times

At long last, the winter has thawed out and the warmer months have arrived in Japan. Accordingly, the convenience store shelves are filled with mint-flavored products, ranging from an assortment of chocolates infused with the herb to one of the most celebrated desserts around, Crunky’s chocolate chip ice cream bar.

Family Mart wants in on the nation’s mint condition, and have introduced a new Chocomint Frappe to satisfy thirsts and sweet tooths in equal measure. Coming out alongside a tart strawberry offering, the drink (¥290) tries to replicate the balance achieved by Crunky’s signature frozen treat. And for the most part, it succeeds.

The Chocomint Frappe delivers mostly on the minty side of its name, with the chocolate coming in subtly at the end. It tastes like most straight-to-konbini treats highlighting mint as a primary flavor, and as long as you are down with that taste, this will deliver — especially on a hot day. The only stumbling block comes with texture. This does resemble the aforementioned Crunky offering, but as a liquid, which makes it feel like you’re slurping up a melted ice cream bar … which could be a bit unsettling. But when the sun is pounding down on you, it might not enter your mind.