Yoshi gets knitted in his new woolly world

Mario’s dinosaur buddy Yoshi has a new yarn to spin.

“Yoshi’s Woolly World” takes its cue from “Kirby’s Epic Yarn,” another wool-based Nintendo game, and it’s one of the most charming Nintendo platformers to date. The colors are vibrant and everything looks fleecy and cute.

Here, a knitted Yoshi still swallows enemies, but instead of turning them into eggs, which is what the character usually does, he converts them into balls of colorful yarn that can be thrown at or used to tie up enemies.

The goal is to travel through a the woolly world and save the other Yoshi characters that an evil Kamek (Magikoopa) has turned into balls of wool.

Of course Nintendo couldn’t release such a cute game without taking advantage of the concept — so you’ll find you can also get soft knitted Yoshi Amiibos. If you want to give your in-game character a new look, you can also use other Amiibo characters, whether it’s Mario or Princess Peach. “Yoshi’s Woolly World” both packaged and download versions are ¥5,700.


When there’s something cute in the neighbohood, who you gonna call?

As if “Yokai Watch” wasn’t popular enough, the 3DS series of action role-playing games is getting a new spin-off title: “Yokai Watch Busters,” a game clearly influenced by Ivan Reitman’s classic 1984 film “Ghostbusters.”

There are two versions of the game: “Red Cat Team” and “White Dog Team,” each of which has a number of unique yōkai (supernatural or mythical beings) for players to snag. The retail versions also come with different collectible medals and special stickers.

With online multiplay for up to four characters, the game can be played with friends — a handy move considering both the “Red Cat Team” and “White Dog Team” are trying to defeat the boss yōkai.

As for the “Ghostbusters” theme, team members are decked out in jumpsuits and carry backpacks to zap yōkai. The base of operations is also an old firehouse — all that’s missing is some Ray Parker, Jr.

“Yokai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team” and “White Dog Team” are available for Nintendo 3DS. Both games’ packaged and download versions are ¥4,600.


Hori aims to make you a better shot

Japanese peripheral maker Hori has set its sights on fans of first-person shooters (FPS) with a new PS4 gamepad, designed specifically to improve a gamer’s accuracy.

Like the standard PS4 controller, this Hori version has a touch pad and face buttons, but several tweaks have improved it for FPS play. The off-set thumbsticks can be tightened and loosened to give greater sensitivity and, in turn, greater control, while the back has a Target Button, which is ideal for sniping. The controller also has three levels of rapid-fire and players can customize and reassign the buttons.

None of the options are possible on the regular PS4 controller and all the additions are designed to improve your FPS gaming.

The Hori FPS Plus for PlayStation 4 is priced at ¥4,946.


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