Mitsuo Tsuchida, 65, is a bilingual tax accountant and the founder of Tsuchida & Associates in Tokyo. He and his team help people of various nationalities file Japanese and U.S. tax returns, regardless of which country they may live in. As an enrolled agent of the IRS, he has the privilege and right to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. Tsuchida's wide range of services, however, go beyond filing tax returns: He and his team also assist clients from the cradle to the grave with financial advice.

Everyone is an artist. I provide tax services instead of writing music, but my life is still full of creativity. What we do for a living doesn't matter. How we do it does. No matter the situation, we can choose whether to create a good or a disturbing experience for ourselves or others. I always try to make people feel better, not worse, even when I have to tell them bad news. I focus on finding solutions that are as creative as possible.

You get more by sharing than hoarding. According to some Buddhist teachings, heaven and hell are equally beautiful places and both are full of delicious foods. Yet people in hell are skinny and miserable. Do you know why? Because in both places the chopsticks are very, very long, making it too difficult for people to pick up food and put it in their own mouths. Those in heaven, however, feed each other, while people in hell still try to stuff their own faces.