Finding a decent vegetarian meal in Nagoya can be a tough task in and of itself, so finding an almost-all-veggie venue that is also vegan-friendly is a very rare treat indeed.

Partnered with an organic supermarket that deals with local farmers, bakers and candlestick makers, Organic Cafe Polan no Hiroba uses ingredients that are extremely fresh and of exceedingly high quality; not the polished clones you may find at the supermarket, but knobbly veggies that have that increasingly uncommon quality of looking real. Every stage of the vegetables' lives, from planting to prepping, is handled with extreme care and respect, and the meals are perfectly balanced and delicious.

The busiest period is lunchtime, during which you can choose between two sets (¥1,200 each, including soup, salad and a drink), either a cheese quiche or a meal that changes on a regular basis, and which was, when I went, vegan. Everything from the unmilled rice to the freshly baked bread popped with quality, and was well worth the price tag.