A few cupfuls of things

Here’s a neat little solution for storing all those miscellanous things you keep in your pockets or that tend to lie around. Ideaco’s Cuppo is a cup designed to be attached to a wall or other vertical surfaces. It’s angled to make sure nothing drops out and it’s bottom is magnetic, so you can stick it to a fridge door. It also comes with a metal plate that can be fastened to other surfaces. Available in a variety of colors — yellow, white, black, tan, green and blue — it sells for ¥1,260 and can be purchased directly from Ideaco’s webstore.

Ideaco: www.ideaco-web.com.

Bookish obsessions

Good things come to those who wait. Drill Design first introduced their Bookend Table back in 2009 at the Milano Salone, and it’s been featured as a prototype in several exhibitions here in Tokyo. Now, at last, it’s been released as an actual product.

What we love about this bookend, which doubles as a mini table, is its simplicity. Created from a single sheet of metal, it’s bent into a sleek yet sturdy form. It’s a concept that you might have also seen done quite a few times by another of our favorite designers, Keiji Ashizawa.

We need to thank Commoc for finally bringing the Bookend Table to market. Available in red, blue, yellow, black and white, it costs ¥8,925 and can be found at select shops that carry the Commoc brand, or from the online Caina store.

Drill Design: www.drill-design.com. Commoc: www.commoc.jp.

The easy way to get the kids to tidy up

Tidy, whose range of desk goods has always delighted us, have added a new dimension to its latest lineup: fun. The Tidy Mini Series offers three cleaning utensils that double as wooden toys. Teach (or trick) your kids to clean up after themselves the easy way — by having fun.

The Boat (¥5,250) sits on a foamy sea of a duster, the Road Roller (¥5,250) picks up lint on its sticky roller, and the Bulldozer (¥6,300) includes a tiny brush to sweep your mess into its scoop. All three items can be purchased from H Concept’s Koncent online store.

Tidy: www.teramoto.co.jp/pages/tidy/index.html. Koncent Store: www.koncent.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=304725& csid=1.

Sitting on a good design

We usually try to cover items that we think represent an interesting idea or are functional in a way we hadn’t thought of before. Sometimes, though, we just like a nice piece of furniture.

The Tension Entrance Stool was designed by Teppei Mihara for Teori, and it’s actually nothing more than a lovely seat that we want to see in the entryway of our home. Made from laminated bamboo (a specialty of the Okayama-based manufacturer), its strong but with a little give, which makes it comfy to sit on while you do up your shoes. The handles then make it easier to push yourself up off the seat. It’s priced at ¥33,600 and can be purchased from Teori’s website.

Teori: www.teori.co.jp.

Reading under the table

If you are as addicted to reading magazines as we are, storage can be a bit of an issue. I’mD’s Bew Table Rack utilizes a forgotten space for mags — the underside of the table.

The rack’s wire frame acts like a large hook, from which the rack itself hangs just below a table or desk. It keeps magazines out of the way and the hook actually doubles as a handle, which makes it easy to carry around. Available in white or brown, the Bew Table Rack costs ¥2,100 and can be found at H Concept’s Koncent store.

Koncent Store: www.koncent.jp/?pid=49588851.

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