Good design in focus

Nendo's design-conscious goods for Elecom were featured earlier this year, and it's keeping up the good work with its latest batch of digital accessories to spruce up your desktop.

First up is the Kandenshi, a PC mouse that looks like a big battery. Although that sounds like an odd shape to choose, the Kandenshi hasn't had to compromise in function for its design. The "positive terminal" provides the left-click, and scrolling and right-clicking can be done with your thumb on the "battery's" side. It's also wireless, and being cylindrical, it's compact enough to use in tight spaces, such as the fold-up trays of trains and planes. This is also a rechargeable "battery" — just attach it via USB to your computer when needed.

Nendo's Megane is a simple, whimsical accessory for your iPad, iPhone or similar devices. It looks like a pair of jokey glasses, but the "lenses" are in fact suction cups that attach the frames to your device to prop it up. It's great for watching videos. Megane are available in two sizes and a variety of colors (black, brown, blue, gray, pink and white), and the Kandenshi is available in black or white. Both products are open priced, so it will vary depending on the retailer.