Focus on: Reem Alasadi

by David Stuchbury

London-based designer Reem Alasadi brought her collection to the Yoyogi National Stadium on March 27, where it was apparent how diverse influences shape the Reem look, especially British punk and recycled materials molded into voluminous and voluptuous Victorian-inspired dresses.

Reem (right), of Arabic origin, started her line from London’s renowned Portobello Market, where she sold her own customized vintage clothing. Developing a loyal fan base, she eventually established a name among the design community.

“I like to mix all types of cultures,” she says of her original creations, “so I don’t actually have any specific ways or styles. I’m always changing.”

After first coming to Japan in 2003, Reem says of Tokyo, where she’s been showing since 2005, “There is an extreme here, but fashion is accepted more and I think it’s worn, which is really nice; instead of just seeing it in magazines.”