Patricia Field, whose boutique in New York City has been an inspiration for designers since opening in 1966, achieved worldwide fame dressing the characters for the HBO TV series "Sex and the City" and for the 2006 film "The Devil Wears Prada." The 65-year-old Field is an Academy Award-nominated, two-time Emmy Award-winning costume designer and stylist whose love of the Japanese aesthetic, attention to detail and fashion sense has been bringing her to Tokyo since the 1980s. She was recently in Japan to promote a collaboration with hair stylist Orlando Pita and J-pop superstar Namie Amuro on Vidal Sassoon Japan's "Fashion, Music, Vidal Sassoon" campaign. Always relaxed, Field prefers wearing jeans and just about anything from Shibuya's 109 department store, a version of which she dreams of opening in New York.

Great style is an integration of many different things. When your clothing, personality, sexiness and other interesting attributes all come together, then you have style.

If the copy is better than the original, buy the copy! Take any brand: In the same way thatceveryone copies somebody else, brands copy others, too. For example: There are two famous designers who have a similar aesthetic to me — we love each others' works. When they started, they came to my store and bought all my girdle clothes — dresses made out of girdles, bustiers, everything — and made them into their own line. So if I made a collection based on girdles now, people would say I copied them. I don't mind — I move on 'cause I don't want to just sit there and be miserable.