With the cherry blossoms finally blooming and spring-cleaning in the air, it's a good time to think about updating your home's interior. And it isn't only a few university students who will be looking for new furnishings to go with the new digs that they move into at the start of Japan's school year in April (though, apparently, Tokyo-born graduates tend to hang around a while longer at their parents' homes to take advantage of the free food and rent).

This month we shine a spotlight on a few choice pieces of interior design -- what we in our style-wisdom perceive to be just right for your home. And if our natural instincts have led to a healthy amount of wood in our selections, we assure you that there was no tree-hugging involved -- it just comes down to just one thing: Wood is good.

Looking like some sort of geometric puzzle or origami construct with its three interlocking pieces, Shuichiro Koizumi's Zumi Stool, created for Offi, is the sort of thing that serves a useful purpose -- a place to lay your posterior, silly -- while drawing attention to its attractiveness. Built from plywood, a material we are noticing more and more of these days, it feels light, and its smallish size makes it suitable for most rooms. As a bonus, an army of them together creates the illusion of having creature-like tripods on a rampage.