The five biggest U.S. airlines got together on Orbitz to offer cut-rate fares and other travel specials. But since United, American, Northwest Delta and Continental don’t belong to any of Asia’s ticket cartels, you’re not gonna get a discount if you’re living in Japan (the regulations protecting those cartels are among the many reasons why the Internet will never take off in Asia). But surf by anyway just because Orbitz’s tertiary offerings — news, tips and airport rundowns — are so good.

Here’s a storehouse of ideas for all those eligible for working holiday visas. Or for those who just want an adventure. Or for those who wanna give slavery a shot. Work on an organic farm (free food and accommodation!); be a nanny; hire yourself out as a construction worker. Most of the opportunities are in Australia, which makes sense since most of Australia’s young people come to Japan to sell accessories on the streets of Shibuya.

Type in the data — airports, airline, type of jet, etc.– and amigoing-down.com tells you the odds on whether, upon landing, you’ll be identified by your dental records.

Fill in the name of the station you’re at now, then the name of your destination. Travel Expert calculates all possible routes (even for rail-air combinations, if applicable), gives you the number of stops between all transfers, tells you the fares along the way and travel times. Takes the guesswork out of daily commuting or long-haul traveling.

MuayThai is a new site out of Thailand devoted to the country’s ancient battlefield art. A quick history is given but the best attraction is the detailed and diagrammed explanations of the skills involved in what now is merely a bloody sport. It’s a site that cries out for Quicktime.

Some unreleased material from the greatest poet of the hippie generation is now free and streamable over the Net. Scroll way down for the 60s stuff.

Perhaps more than any other artist out there today, S.U.N. Project represents the global village’s neohippies. Click on an album under “Discography” and get a list of streamable tunes. Also check out “History” for the story on how metal trance was born.