Get your pits out for the boys. Japan’s largest beauty company is hoping to launch a new trend focusing on an often ignored erogenous zone — the armpit.

Tokyo Beauty Center’s 200 nationwide branches are set to launch Waki (armpit) Art. The company is betting that its target customers (female office workers aged 23-24) will be rushing to defuzz their armpits, then highlight them with everything from floral designs to sparkling glitter.

Since the beginning of May armpit aficionados have been able to sign up for one of three armpit care and design packages. For 10,000 yen they will be able to choose between a quick wax, a skin care treatment that also deodorizes the armpit or a permanent electrolysis and the artistic kit.

The kit includes powder and glittery gels in gold, blue and pink for customers to create their own unique designs.

TBC spokeswoman Emiko Ozaki said: “You can really personalize your look by using your skin as a blank canvas and experimenting with different designs.”

She said the company decided to launch the hair removal along with the sweat resistant powders in response to the soaring popularity of camisoles and sleeveless summer dresses.

Women who choose to do their own hair removal can buy the kits separately and a glittery seal substance that protects the created designs. Also on sale are tattoo-type stickers from butterflies and ethnic designs to stick-on rhinestones.

Ozaki said: “Designs on smooth, hair-free armpits will really make an impact. In 2000 we will really see skin evolving as a fashion accessory.”