After writing the column on flowers and flowery teas and all things bloomingly lovely and springlike, I came across an article about the current trend for all things “fresh.” The feeling of now, it seems, is freshness. The millennium approaches, and with it the newness of the year 2000, and the 21st century. The theme is rebirth. We begin again. To get ready, we want purity, emptiness, a clean slate, freshness.

Flowers are a good way to start, and this is the perfect season. Japan too is the place for it. The cuisine is replete with freshness, and the quintessence of the Zen state of mind is to be pure, clean and still. I thought I’d devote this column to freshness — in case you hadn’t guessed — and frolic about with a few tidbit-sized ideas for ways to be fresh, fresher, freshest. (Even the word is enticing. Say it, and you find yourself feeling that way.)

Wear white. Conveniently, this is also, along with freshness, the color of the fashion moment. There is white everywhere in the stores. So, dress yourself in white from head to toe. Wear fabrics that breathe and slide smoothly upon your skin. White works well with luminosity, too: Try shimmering, silvery irridescent things and transparencies. Fabric that floats is good. Weightlessness. Consider taking your inspiration from clouds and blue skies.

Hair that is fresh is free and flowing. This is not hair that’s tormented into stark shapes; this is hair that is long and somewhat haphazard. All you do to your hair to get this look is grow it, keep it clean and make sure it shines.

Makeup that’s fresh and unobtrusive. What’s at the makeup counters now is full of glimmer and barely there in color. They’re almost-hues. Every company has them. The best offer is a combination of the subtlest whisper of color (silver, baby blue, shell pink) with both mica-glitter and irridescence. For lips, palest tropical moonglow, and for eyelids, a planetary gleam of limelight. Desert sunrise on the cheeks. You don’t need foundation. At most use a little concealer and a tinted moisturizer. Or try Prescriptive PX Cream Vibrant for a surprising opalescent glow.

Nails? Just buffing. Or perhaps a faint brush of one of the similarly shimmering nail varnishes. Visit Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Lancome and Chanel for a smorgasbord of such beauty treats.

As for lifestyle, freshness is obtained through eating lightly and healthily. Try a diet of cleansing raw foods for a few days — nothing but raw vegetables, raw fruit, and lots of water. You’ll float. Your skin will grow translucent, your mind will clear and all that hidden beauty will emerge from within. Like a flower blooming.

Take lovely long baths, scent yourself with fresh green scents and drink purifying teas made from leaves and petals.

Be refreshed. Be renewed. Enjoy the new and fresher you.