Nakanoshima Music Marche Special Live Vol. 4

Despite the proximity to the heart of the Kansai region’s busiest city, the area of Osaka’s Nakanoshima ― a 3-kilometer-long sandbank between the Dojima and Tosabori rivers ― welcomes scores of visitors with the abundance of nature.

Standing in the green oasis is the Nakanoshima Love Central, a riverside entertainment complex. The 5-year-old building, founded with the help of J-pop duo Dreams Come True, is also so familiar with music that it holds the Nakanoshima Music Marche festival every second and fourth Saturday.

On Nov. 9, the event will put the final touches on itself this year by featuring nearly 10 music acts that will perform an array of different genres ranging from jazz to electronica. Among them is R&B singer Junpei Shiina, elder brother of singer-songwriter Ringo Sheena, while vocalist Itsuka Yamamura, who has collaborated with veteran rocker Ryudo Uzaki, will show her prowess in Norainu, a Kobe-based multi-genre band to which she belongs.

Tickets are ¥3,500 each and reservations can be made through email and Facebook.

(Yuki Yamauchi)