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Display of Ogi-neputa Hideyoshi

In the core of the festive spirit of Aomori Prefecture residents are traditional floats called neputa at some parts of the area including the city of Hirosaki (they are otherwise called nebuta in the city of Aomori, for example). People from around Japan flock to the former to see parades full of gigantic lantern floats made of painted washi paper molded onto a wire frame. The huge objects are flanked by taiko drummers, musicians and dancers.

During the month of October, some of the magic of the Tohoku region festival will be brought to the Kansai region with a float made in the shape of a thick ogi fan ― which can be seen mainly in Hirosaki.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka near Kitashinchi Station is using its foyer to exhibit "Ogi-neputa Hideyoshi," a float rendition of the 16th-century warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who is regarded as one of Japan "great unifiers."

The showpiece has a vivid artwork depicting what might have happened in the actual history ― a breathtaking moment when the feudal leader, galloping on horseback, is about to slash archer Omiya Kagetsura, who is said to have injured Hideyoshi with his marksmanship.

(Carissa Shale)