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Pocko Park Nowhere

In the first of our Pocko Park exhibitions, "Nowhere" marries the works of Japanese illustrator, Nomoco with German-born photographer, Martin Holtkamp in a harmonious artistic partnership.

As the steely, proportioned imagery of Holtkamp’s work meets the playful abstraction of Nomoco’s paintings, this exhibition sees two realities meet with equal force in ever-changing environments, both fragile and eternal. Their collaborative pieces compliment each other, giving new life to their craft and cultural influences.

In a moment of seasonal change there is a beginning and an end, depending from which side we look at things. Spring brings new life and a sense of renewal as well as a reminder of how life is fleeting.

The title of the show in the same way has a double meaning depending how you read it: Now Here or Nowhere. This contraposition is not only seasonal and philosophical but can also be seen in the work of the two artists on display and in the dialogue between them.