Music festivals are well and truly back in full force this summer. Last month, a domestic blowout courtesy of Rock in Japan delivered five packed days over two weekends, while Fuji Rock Festival pulled off a cathartic three-day gathering in Niigata Prefecture. Up in Hokkaido, the Rising Sun Rock Festival attracted a healthy crowd out to the more rural parts of the region.

That leaves only one of the country’s big four summer events: Summer Sonic. Taking place in Tokyo (well, Chiba’s Makuhari Messe convention center, but close enough) and Osaka concurrently this weekend — with the capital also getting Friday’s all-night Sonicmania event — Summer Sonic may be the last best chance to catch a handful of international acts all in one place.

Following the nature-set escape of Fuji Rock, Japan’s other festival focused on featuring overseas acts brings the experience of a huge, sweltering concert to metropolitan areas.