For both established Japanophiles and new explorers of Asian writings, Stone Bridge Press has been a fount of knowledge, spanning Asia’s literary landscape since 1989. This year, its reach extends.

The California-based publisher recently formed a partnership with Monkey: New Writing From Japan, the annual English anthology for the Japanese literary journal Monkey, to create a new imprint focused on contemporary Japanese literature in translation. The new Monkey imprint is set to debut its inaugural title this month: Hiromi Ito’s “The Thorn Puller,” translated by Jeffrey Angles.

Stone Bridge and Monkey, two entities dedicated to expanding the breadth of Asian literature available to English readers, make a natural pair. As Stone Bridge founder Peter Goodman explains, “the Monkey trade imprint fits in with what Stone Bridge’s whole purpose has been from the beginning, which is to expose the inner workings of one culture to another in the hopes that something will leave its mark and improve or expand on the way people view the world.”